Sun City Athletics Club


Sun City Athletics Club looks to provide student athletes with opportunities for exposure in the sport(s) that they love.  To this end, we strive to keep our cost for these events to a minimum to help lower the participation cost for student athletes to compete in our events.  This is where you can really make a difference and impact the lives of student athletes by giving.  You giving allows us to pay for the facilities and fields to host our events.  It allows us to keep our participants safe by having highly qualified officials and referees to officiate our events.  It makes our video live streaming of events possible.  It allows us to provide high quality sporting events that provide the needed exposure opportunities that our event participants require to increase their chances of use the sport that they love to help minimize their cost of attending college.  Additionally, your donations help to minimize the cost of the programs our student athletes receive as part of being a member of the Wolfpack!  Programs that are geared to help our student athletes succeed in academics, college prep, and athletic prep; all essential to increasing a student athlete's chances of gaining a scholarship to minimize their cost of attending college.

As a Level 3 Club with that AAU, Sun City Athletics Club is a non-profit organization under 501(c)(3).  As such, we are able to accept tax deductible donations from companies and individuals.  These funds will be used to help mitigate the cost of each student athlete in our program and to minimize the cost of our exposure events and showcases.